Unable to write DVDs with DVD writer!

  thedogisdead3 13:52 23 May 2005

Hi, I've had my computer for about 18 months now and it came with a DVD writer... the symbol in My Computer says DVD-R drive, so it must be, yeah?

Well in all this time I havent managed to burn a single DVD.

It writes in the DVD- format (well, it's supposed too) and I have tried it with both R and RW disks with no success.

When I try to write anything to it, I get the message: 'Disk in E drive in full or not writable' etc...

what's going on?! Do I need special DVD burning software?


  pauldonovan 13:57 23 May 2005

..I'm not sure you can write DVDs from windows explorer if that's what you are trying to use.

The formats the drive can support are important. Why don't you tell us the make and model of the drive.

DVD-R might not mean much - mine shows up as CD Drive or DVD/CD-RW drive in windows!

Go into control panel, then System, then Hardware, then Device Manager and look under DVD/CD-ROM drives for your drive.

For mine in there it says


which shows that it is the +RW format (probably - although to be sure i'd have to go and check the spec).

Let us know what you've got. You probably would need some software to write DVDs - usually they come with some.

  thedogisdead3 14:03 23 May 2005

Well apparently I have 5 drives!

Erm, the two that I can make out as bona fide DVD drives both say they are DVD-ROM... nothing about formats. One is a Toshiba and I cant make out the other.

Thanks for you help, this is doing my head in!

  pauldonovan 14:14 23 May 2005

..what do you mean by 'can't make out'?!

If you have a DVD RW it will probably have a mark like this on the front of the drive bay:

click here

Do you have any marks like that on it?

Did you buy it new? If so it should be listed on the spec or if it is a standard model it might be on the web.

  Sans le Sou 14:16 23 May 2005

If you look in device manager it should list your drives by make and type. As your computer came with the DVD writer there should be some software either installed or on a disk that will enable you to use the drive.

  pauldonovan 12:09 26 May 2005

..post the conclusion to your problem so others can be helped in future.

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