Unable to write to CD

  John-198642 14:05 08 Apr 2005

I am running XP with SP2 and all updates installed. Recently I installed Nero and found I could only write to my CD drive using INCD. I removed the INCD program but I still cannot write to the CD drive. I get the message “E: is not accessible. Incorrect function”. I can read CD’s okay but if I insert a blank CD and click on the drive I get the same message of “Incorrect function”.

I have checked the driver is the latest available. My system has installed Highmat CD writer, which I have downloaded and reinstalled.

Any help would be appreciated

  Diodorus Siculus 14:38 08 Apr 2005

Go into my computer and get properties of the drive; ensure that the option to write to cd is enabled for the drive.

  medicine hat 14:41 08 Apr 2005

Try this:

Right-Click on the drive w/ the problem
Recording Tab
and then check the "Enable CD Recording On This Drive" box

  anniel 14:53 08 Apr 2005

and so I "Googled" the error message and many others obviously have your problem.

Could it be the quality of the CDR you are using?

Alternatively, why don't you download a good free brurning programme. I had Nero and then downloaded:

click here

It is a simple, very reliable burning programme.

If it works, your problem is solved. if it is more technical than that, at least you will know.

My Sony CD Writer seems quite fussy over the CDRs it recognises. I now use only Sony brand as I know they work...Philips will not, for instance.

Hope you get the problem solved

  PA28 14:57 08 Apr 2005

Just a thought - do you have the full version of Nero? Some of the freebie versions are tied to the hardware that they were supplied with.

  wobblymike 15:10 08 Apr 2005


You say you have nero installled try this

Go through the motions of burning a CD i.e Open up Nero and select nero burning Rom

When the burn box comes up does it identify your CD Writer in the bottom right hand corne or does it say Image recorder - if the latter this is your problem and means as suggested by PA28 that the version of Nero you are using is not suitable for your CDRW. Worth a check

  PA28 21:40 10 Apr 2005

Please - you have ticked the box as resolved but not given any reader the benefit of knowing what worked. Did you get a result or have you given up?

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