Unable to .... without Flash Player.

  frybluff 19:29 22 Jun 2012

Keep getting messages, last few days, when I try to access videos on internet, that I need Flash Player. I have f/p. Tried uninstalling and re-installing (from Adobe). No luck. One site mentioned a need for Javascript. I have j/s. Uninstalled and re-installed. Had a suggestion to make sure that was enabled, in my IEX9. It is. Would love any other suggestions. It's probably something very basic I've done wrong, or not done.

Many thanks.

  onthelimit1 09:26 23 Jun 2012

If all else fails, use Chrome instead of IE - its something I had to resort to in a similar situation (Chrome has FP installed by default).

  rdave13 11:07 23 Jun 2012

Check that Flash is enabled in add-ons and that activeX filtering is disabled.

  Batch 13:04 23 Jun 2012

With regards to Javascript - you don't install / uninstall that - the handling of Javascript is embedded in the browsers. With some browsers (e.g. IE) you can enable / disable it, that's all.

Javascript should not be confused with Java which something else and is a separate install (from java.com)

  TonyV 13:44 23 Jun 2012

fry bluff

I know Flash Player didn't used to work in IE9 64 bit. That may have changed now, but just in case, try it on the 32bit version. I hardly ever use Windows now since changing over to an iMAC. If all else fails, try here. Adobe Forum

  frybluff 15:23 23 Jun 2012

Most odd! WAS working in IEX9, 64bit, until a few days ago. I haven't changed any internet settings, or anything. Only thing, I can think, is perhaps some update is responsible.

As suggested by onethelimit1, works fine with Google, so at least solves immediate issue. Wonder if anyone else has this problem.

  rdave13 15:43 23 Jun 2012

There's a possible fix here but it shows you need to delete personal settings.

  rickf 16:21 23 Jun 2012

My Os is 64 bit as is my IE and I have no probs so far. Fingers crossed.

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