Unable to watch DVD's on my Toshiba laptop!

  theOtter 11:32 02 Jan 2008

Help! This is really beginning to bug me. I've had my lovely Toshiba laptop for over 4 months now, with absolutely no problems whatsoever. However, I sat down the other day to watch a DVD, and Windows Media Player, along with WinDVD, (also tried nero showtime) failed to playback, citing that i am unable to view protected content.

I realise the DVD's i am trying to watch are copy protected, which of course stops me from copying them etc - but i simply want to watch these on my laptop!

Running Vista - can anyone help me on this?
Thanks and Happy New Year all!

  johnnyrocker 11:36 02 Jan 2008

vista forum?


  Taff™ 11:43 02 Jan 2008

Have you set the region for playback? In Windows Explorer right click the drive and select Properties, then the hardware tab and again select the drive and properties. You can set the playback region there.

  MAJ 11:53 02 Jan 2008

.........Do you have a number of posts ready to paste in? They usually consist of, either:

"vista forum?"
or, "Networking forum?"
or, "Webdesign forum?"
or, "Green tick?"

  MAJ 11:55 02 Jan 2008

Have you tried a system Restore yet?

  Stuartli 12:59 02 Jan 2008

Have you Enabled all File Types in Windows Media Player and also downloaded the latest K-Lite or similar audio and codecs pack?

Full version of K-Lite (Mega pack includes Real Alternative) from:

click here

or alternatively:

click here

  theOtter 13:34 02 Jan 2008

Region's set at R2 - so that's fine.

Not tried a system restore - i've not actually done anything to the laptop since buying it (in terms of changes made) - so i shouldn't imagine a system restore will change anything.

  €dstowe 13:40 02 Jan 2008

Is this just one DVD or all?

The term "protected content" suggests DRM. Is the problem DVD anything unusual?

  johnnyrocker 13:40 02 Jan 2008

i do not have but i cant understand why people who have a problem do not direct it to where they are most likely to receive a quicker and possibly more helpful response, i would go as far as to say this does not cover the majoriy of posts as can be seen by clicking in the relevant place

happy new year


  theOtter 13:50 02 Jan 2008

It's all Pre-recorded DVD's that have 'copy protected' on the back (which happens to be all these days) - i tried firstly with Blood Diamond, then a nice Billy Connolly box set - don't judge me!

  €dstowe 13:56 02 Jan 2008

I'm not judging you. I just cannot understand why these are unplayable.

Are you getting the same with all commercial DVDs?

In the past, some firms (particularly Sony) have tried all sorts of methods of preventing their DVDs being played back on computers. My thoughts were that some form of Digital Rights Management system may be in use which only permits a limited number of playings on a computer before the disk is blocked.

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