Unable to watch BBC iplayer on TV

  ponytail 09:35 28 Jul 2018

Recently when I was trying to watch BBC iplayer I would get the message Internet download failed because size exceeded system memory unit.But now when I go into applications click on BBC iplayer it says iplayer loading and then all I get is a blank screen.I can get BBC iplayer on my Amazon Fire Stick and on my Youview box.The TV is a Sony KDL-42W653A.tHANKS

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:37 28 Jul 2018

Smart TVs are not so smart.

If it is an old TV the app may be outdated click here and most TVs cannot update their apps.

If the TV is relatively new then may be the best way is to factory reset the TV click here

  ponytail 11:36 28 Jul 2018

How do I update the app on the TV as the app is fine on all the other devices.One other question the TV does not have a app for channel 4 how would I if it is possible get that app on the TV.

  john bunyan 12:47 28 Jul 2018

Different makes of smart TV have different catch up apps. My older LG only has BBC I player and it’s wi fi is poor so for that one I use home plugs . I can use Miracast from my laptop if I want but use a recorder instead, although TV viewing is not very important to me. My kitchen TV is a Samsung with most of the catch up apps. If you have a fire stick surely that turns your TV into a smart one?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:19 28 Jul 2018

This is the problem with smart TVs they never seem to have all the apps you want and no way to load them on.

I used to use an old laptop connected to the TV now I use an old Nexus 7 (2011 version) and a chromecast to get all the apps and programs I need to view on The TV.

  conrail 19:13 29 Jul 2018

I can access iplayer through my freesat box or x box

  ponytail 09:56 30 Jul 2018

Thanks dave You are correct will just get on with watching it on one of the other devices.I was just wondering why it suddenly stopped as it was fine about two weeks ago.

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