Unable to view any web page.

  JJW 18:42 23 Oct 2004

I have two user accounts on my computer. The first account (Administrator) has no problems viewing the internet, the other (limited) shows it's connected to the internet but will not open any web page, just "This page cannot be displayed". I've looked at the internet settings for both accounts and they both look the same. I've changed the limited account to administrator but it still will not open up any web page. I havn't had a problem in the past with viewing pages on the second user account but I've just rebooted the computer and installed SP2. A mate of mine has the same problem but hasn't rebooted computer or installed SP2. System: Windows XP home with SP2 installed (Firewall disabled) Internet Explorer 6, Norton internet security 2003 (Auto-protect and Firewall enabled) 1 Mbps Broadband connection. Any help please.

  Mozarella 19:31 23 Oct 2004

JJW, I`m sorry if this sounds trite (it`s not meant to be) but when I`ve had problems going on the net I`ve called my ISP and I`ve had great help. I do hope you work it out but do please realize I`m not an expert

  JJW 00:09 25 Oct 2004

Problem solved. I had Norton Parental Control set too high for second user account. Reset to default. OK now. Silly me.

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