Unable to use live chat service

  ponytail 09:20 07 Mar 2018

We have a problem with our home phone as there is no dialing tone and have done the normal checks.I wanted to contact Plusnet but unable to phone them.I decided I would use their live chat option but when operator asked what the problem was I could not answer as where you type the answer is covered by the task bar so cannot ring then or chat to them.Is there a way round the taskbar problem.

  wee eddie 09:36 07 Mar 2018

On the right of your screen is a grey vertical bar. Point your Mouse Pointer at the greyer bit > press the left button > Drag it down a little/

  Forum Editor 09:40 07 Mar 2018

Sometimes you can left-click and drag these chat dialogue boxes - did you try that, or can you scroll the window to reveal the box?

As a final resort, you could try hiding the task bar.

Right click on an unoccupied area of it, and select 'settings'. You can select an option to autohide the taskbar.

  ponytail 09:57 07 Mar 2018

I did right click on the taskbar but settings does not appear and have tried to scroll but that does not work either.When I press on the grey bar at the end of the taskbar I presume you mean the small grey next to the ate and time

  ponytail 10:06 07 Mar 2018

Have found the answer see following Right-click on the gray area of the task bar. A menu of choices will appear. Left-click on "Properties." A Dialog Box will appear. In the Dialog Box, left-click on "Auto hide" to place a check mark in the box next to it. Then left-click on the Apply button and on the OK button.

  Forum Editor 10:30 07 Mar 2018

My method applies to Windows 10, as I had no way of knowing which version you are using.

  ponytail 11:28 07 Mar 2018

Apologies for that yes my OS is windows 7 but your answer was pretty similar I just clicked properties as could not see settings.I could even move the taskbar to another location.

  Forum Editor 12:34 07 Mar 2018

Why they don't just find an easy-to-remember method and just stick to it, I shall never know.

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