Unable to use External hard drive with W98se

  appy 19:51 20 Oct 2005

I have a dell dimensions XPS T500 desktop computer running Windows 98se. There are 2 usb 1.1 ports at the back of the computer which currently run a scanner, a usb hub, sandisk card reader, a wireless dongle, obviously not all together, but very successfully. I have bought a Western Digital essensials usb 80gig hard drive thinking I could use it on the desktop and also a laptop running W XP. The laptop works a treat no probs. The dell desktop has loaded the drivers and in add/remove programs the software is shown as loaded. On activating the hd the new hardware wizard starts but try as I may I cannot find the drivers. The Western Digital site intimates that if there is a problem like this the HD should be connected to the motherboard to test the connection, an impossible task in my case as the area is covered by other items. The WD help forum has several requests for help but the reply is that there is not a machine with 98se to test on. Has anybody found a work around for this problem. I had thought of adding a pci card with both firewire and usb2 but I'm not sure this will work.


  octal 19:54 20 Oct 2005

You probably need the drivers for 98 to work, did the driver come with a CD or is there any drivers on the web site.

  octal 19:55 20 Oct 2005

Try entering the details on their site:

click here

  appy 20:10 20 Oct 2005

I had to download the drivers from Western Digital. I have removed them numerous times and looked with find, and manually. The problem seems to be that the computer does not recognise the drive as usb. It tries to load it as another devise. There are also numerous entries in c/windows files which are numbers and letters enclosed with {}. I tried loading the drivers again to spot the location thats how I saw the c/{xxxxxxxxxxx} but could not see the numbers.


  appy 20:13 20 Oct 2005

Searched the Western Digital site FAQ and Forum but to no avail.

  jack 20:34 20 Oct 2005

Disconnect the hub and all other devices.
Connect the Drive directly to the Machine.

I don't think you said, but I assume the drive is self powered and not relying on PC for power.

With so many devices connected, even if not used there is a power issue here.see
click here

  appy 21:16 20 Oct 2005

Disconnected all devices, connected the drive to the machine, the drive is found by the new hardware manager but again still cannot find drivers. Again the device is not recognised as a usb device. Will try undoing and going back to start reloading drivers again. Many thanks.


  phil46 22:08 20 Oct 2005

You said you have 2 USB1 ports you can't run a USB HD on a USB1 as data transfer is to slow even if you put a USB2 card in it would still run at the slower speed if any other hardware that was USB1 was connected.
go to my computer put the driver disk into the drive right click on the drive and click explore CD and see if there are any Windows 9x drivers showing if there are click on them there should be a setup there.

  appy 22:41 20 Oct 2005

I have reloaded the drivers from the WD site and now found them actually showing in c\windows\drivers\wdc however the new hardware manager will not recognise them. There was no disk in the box. It was recommended to download from WD. Many thanks have now got a little further. Will try WD by email.


  woodchip 22:51 20 Oct 2005

Well I made my own External drive up with a Caddy from Computer fair £22 a New Hard Drive Seagate 200Gb Partitioned into four Bought from Ebuyer. Caddy came with drivers on CD. I use it on a Win98se Desktop a XP Desktop and a XP Laptop with no problems. The caddy as its own Power Adapter and it only goes into one powerd USB2 Hub that's when plugged into the XP desktop. The Win98se is only USB1.1

  appy 13:08 21 Oct 2005

I think my problem appears to be the lack of a driver on cd as new hardware manager refuses to recognise the loaded driver. Many thanks for your suggestions and help. Will try a caddy next time.


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