unable to uninstall xp

  Leslie-212488 21:28 28 Jan 2005

ok, i have a dual boot system, win98se and xp,
xp is has not been activated(i was experimenting)
i have the xp reinstallation disk by the way.
i tried to uninstall, delete and reformat the partition, which contains xp, by usinG FDISK and by going througt the COMMAND PROMPT, IN XP and win98, i even tried using system32/osuninst.exe.
something i saw on click here.

i only installed xp about ten days ago, it told me i must activate it, i said, later. now it will not alow me to log on.every time i go to log on, it tells me to activate it.

I have played with xp long enough, i just want to delete it.
if needed i will just have to take drastic action and use a utility to scrub the whole drive.
how can remove xp.Do i have to ring the activation line to get the missing info?
i wont be able to post back until monday, as the offending pc is back at work.

  VoG II 21:36 28 Jan 2005

Frankly, I am amazed that your IT department has allowed you to get away with this shennanegans.

Can we assume that you have installed a cracked copy of XP? If not, why can you not simply activate it?

  Leslie-212488 15:36 29 Jan 2005

vog, this has nothing to do with the IT dept.
A dept got a PC from Dell, it had xp pro installed.in order for it to be networked, xp was removed and 2000 installed. xp was used for about three weeks, top. anyway it seemed a shame to waste the disk, os i installed xp on an old P2 machine that i have in the workshop, just to see what would happen. rang ms to activate it, but was told it is an OEM disk. so i now want to uninstall it. i have xp on my laptp at home, i dont know if that will be of help to me

  FelixTCat 16:14 29 Jan 2005

Boot into Win98 and make a Win98 boot disk. Delete all the XP files (they ARE on a different partition, aren't they?). Reboot. If it offers to dual-boot into XP, load dos-only and run "fdisk /mbr". If it won't boot at all, use the Win98 boot disk to boot and run "sys c:" Reboot to Win98 and delete ntdetect.com, ntldr etc

Bingo! All gone.

  Leslie-212488 22:33 31 Jan 2005

i could not get rig of xp using fdisk, xp was in the extended partition, when i tried to delete it,
it said"containes logical drives". when i tried to delete the logical drives, it said "no logical drives defined". in the end i performed a low level format on the drive. That worked!

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