Unable to uninstall or reinstall Lotus SmartSuite

  stlucia2 12:16 31 Aug 2011

After formatting my C:\ drive, and reinstalling Windows XP (and all updates) and my program files, a week later I've now found that Lotus doesn't work, even though it did immediately after the reinstall. I get "This application has failed to start because LGLN12.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

So I tried to reinstall Lotus from the original CD, but I get the message "Error 1327. Invalid Drive: D:\". I get the same error message if I try to uninstall the present installation first, or if I try to run the program from the CD.

I've used Regedit to go through all the Lotus entries under HKEYLOCALMACHINE/SOFTWARE and change all D:\Lotus... references to C:\Lotus..., but still the error message comes up about invalid drive D:. I have no D:\ drive, by the way, because Windows reassigned all my drive letters some time after the reinstall.

Would a simple way to get rid of Lotus be to (a) delete the Lotus program folder completely and (b) delete the Lotus entry in the registry? Are there any other registry entries I should be looking for?

  stlucia2 18:46 31 Aug 2011

Thanks buteman. I've installed the 30-day trial of Revo, and it's looking good. It couldn't uninstall Lotus because it relies on Lotus' own installer to do that part of the process, so I've deleted all the Lotus files manually and now Revo has gone on to stage 3 where it's presented me with a list of all the redundant and/or incorrect registry entries so I can pick the ones to delete. Thanks for the warning about selecting only bold black entries.

I tried RegCure earlier, but it requires me to pay if I want to remove the 300+ errors it detected :-(

  john bunyan 18:59 31 Aug 2011

stlucia2. I had Lotus for years until switching to W7, where it does not work. If you ever decide to change to W7, I reccomend saving your work in Excel, Word etc format within Lotus or to use .rtf for word processed stuff. I have Lotus Symphony but it will not read Smartsuite formats.

  stlucia2 19:44 31 Aug 2011

Job done -- Revo has cleaned up the registry, and Lotus has reinstalled without error. Thanks again, buteman.

john bunyan, I've recently switched to Excel, but I needed Lotus because I hadn't yet exported all my 1-2-3 files in .XLS format, and Lotus is not on the list of data files that Excel is able to import direct. Rest assured, I've just gone through all my Lotus files now and exported them, so hopefully I won't need to use Lotus again.

  tullie 20:36 31 Aug 2011

By the way,Revo is free,no need to buy a paid for version.

  tullie 20:36 31 Aug 2011

By the way,Revo is free,no need to buy a paid for version.

  stlucia2 07:42 01 Sep 2011

Ahh ... I didn't scroll down the screen far enough, and I just clicked on the "Download 30 days free trial" button, which is for Revo Pro. I see the free version now, further down the page.

  sharpamat 08:10 01 Sep 2011

Ive also used Lotus for many years and still am. Witout any problems This for dispite john bunyan posting does also work on Win 7 Any problems installing on win 7 use adminstrator options

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