Unable to uninstall AOL drivers!

  cutecub79 15:35 28 May 2008

A few days ago my AOL connection came up with the following "Looking for AOL via TCP/IP", when in the past it used to refer to DSL. The DSL light is not on on my modem (BT Voyager 105) I am now unable to connect to AOL, with various error codes coming up.

On talking with AOL Help, they advised me to uninstall the modem and download the drivers for it and reinstall it. When I try and do this I get the following error "cannot open Bitmap" I have tried to uninstall the Modem via add/remove programe, and the same error message comes up? AOL have advised me to pick up a new AOL disc as they have different drivers to the ones available on there Website.

Can anyone offer any advice on this? Will a new AOL software disc be the answer?

  Diemmess 15:50 28 May 2008

I used to use a Voyager 105 as did some others in my family. In one case the Voyager appeared to fail and was replaced with a redundant one
Sorry but can't remember how it was made to behave!

It might well have involved reinstalling the drivers.

More use to you perhaps is that when setting up a router, I was forced to return to the old 105 for urgent Internet access.
I was able using Windows Explorer to select and install just the drivers and ignore all the long-winded stuff about the blue wire, filters and so on.

It was no trouble to uninstall, but a general rule which might solve your present problem, is to try reinstalling the drivers over the damaged remains of the original ones. Hopefully this will solve the bitmap problem and then you can either accept if it is all working or uninstall fully and re-install yet again.

[Aol may have driver updates, but I doubt they are for the obsolete 105, and would be reluctant to ignore the original ones on that original orange coloured CD.]

  realist 16:28 28 May 2008

Look under Settings > Control Panel > Network Connections. Is a "dialBB" connection shown there?

If so, you've been migrated to the new server and you need to download AOL 9.0 VR from click here in order to connect to AOL. You are advised to uninstall older versions before installing VR.

If the dialBB connection is not yet shown you can expect an AOL download to enable dialBB on your system in the very near future.

Once dialBB is enabled you need to click on this first to connect to internet, then either use IE or open AOL and sign on as normal.

You shouldn't need to change your BT Voyager 105 modem's drivers or settings.

  realist 16:33 28 May 2008

Should have added: if you phone AOL on 0844 499 5555 they should be able to send you AOL 9.0 VR on a cd.

  feb 16:38 28 May 2008

If you look in the driver folder or the AOL CD, find the "doctor 105" double click this and the drivers should uninstall!

  cutecub79 09:33 30 May 2008

I have the dialbb connection. I cant download AOL 9 VR, so AOL are sending me the disc. I still cant uninstall the modem. I still get an error message - cannot open bitmap. Does anyone know why I am getting the error message?

  realist 21:07 30 May 2008

I suggest uninstall/reinstall the modem then you should be able to go online by clicking on dialBB and opening IE.
You could then download VR using the link above.

  cutecub79 11:59 02 Jun 2008

Well, good news! I have managed to uninstall the drivers and reinstall the modem using Doc105.

However, I still cant access AOL! Everytime I try and log on I get an error message 10, telling me I cant get connected! My DSL light is coming on now, but AOL still trys to connect through IP/TCP. I also cant connect via internet explorer. I can connect to AOL using a netgear router. Which makes me think the new AOL updates are not compatable with my modem!?

AOL dont seem to be able to help. Its been 2 weeks now!

I have read in another thread about changing the MTU to 1450. Does anyone know how this is done?

Thanks for all your help so far.

  Technotiger 12:09 02 Jun 2008
  cutecub79 13:19 02 Jun 2008

Thats great, thanks.

  realist 14:30 02 Jun 2008

My Voyager 105 modem is compatible with the AOL updates.

It is quite correct that it should connect "via TCP/IP" after the update.

To go online first click on dialBB and then, when connected, open IE or sign on to AOL.

Right click the dialBB to view its connection status; you may in fact already be online without realising it.

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