Unable to Tick a Thread as Resolved

  wee eddie 20:27 14 Jan 2013

The only Thread with such a Title has been locked.

The Search box is verging on useless as you cannot filter by date and most of the Threads picked up are over 5 years old.

Also cannot Contact FE.

  wee eddie 20:38 14 Jan 2013

I have Loaded the latest version of Java 64bit and it is enabled.

When I hit the Contact FE Button I get a Translucent Black Screen with a White Rectangle in it. The White Rectangle appears to contain a "Loading" logo, but it never, well in over 5 minutes waiting, completes loading.

  wee eddie 20:41 14 Jan 2013

Lazarus: last time I tried that it was bounced

  wee eddie 20:42 14 Jan 2013

I'm using IE9 64bit

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:03 14 Jan 2013

Ad blockers / script blockers will stop the green tick

and you shouldn't add you own problem to someone else's thread as they will be the ones to be notified of answers.

Yes look for an answer in another thread with similar title but start your own thread if you cannot find an answer that works for you.

  SillBill 21:07 14 Jan 2013

I do believe that wee eddie has started his own thread.

  john bunyan 21:07 14 Jan 2013

wee eddie

I have exactly the same problem. I use ad blockers which I want to keep as many have complained about obtrusive ads here. I also use DNT+, which blocks 9 or more tracking sites. If the system,, in consequence, stops my green tick, so be it.

  SillBill 21:14 14 Jan 2013

Most sites HATE adblockers and prevent users from using some features it is all to do with MONEY!

  muddypaws 22:22 14 Jan 2013

Switch off AB+ ( if you have it) while you green tick then re-enable it. Works for me.

  lotvic 22:50 14 Jan 2013

I use google for searching pca forum, example:

put your text here site:pcadvisor.co.uk/forums

try it out, copy and paste this into google

hdmi site:pcadvisor.co.uk/forums

  Chronos the 2nd 10:24 15 Jan 2013


That is a useful tip though I must admit I do not search PCA these days.

As for the green tick,with me sometimes I can sometimes I cannot do this. Much the same as the format icons in the reply to this topic box. Sometimes they appear but most times they do not. I suspect that it is because I use this http://www.privacychoice.org/trackerblock/ie9 ( the icon are not there hence the link is not the usual way I would post. But I would rather have the intrusive ads,so loved by PCA, blocked than not.

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