Unable to System Restore

  2397110 16:30 29 Dec 2003

I would like to restore my XP to a date in October. However the back arrow on the calendar of system restore will not function to allow me access to previous months. Any suggestions please?

  spikeychris 16:34 29 Dec 2003

If you have clicked the arrow and it stops, then thats as far as SR will allow you to go. You will have to allocate more system memory for any future *big* restores.

  hugh-265156 16:45 29 Dec 2003

to increase the space available to system restore click:

start/control panel/performance and maintenance/system/system/restore and drag the slider here.

you still will not be able to go back though but this will store a few more dates in future.i have mine set to 3% on a 40gig drive and it stores about two weeks worth before it starts overwriting them again.

  spikeychris 16:45 29 Dec 2003

Follow on..

System restore will restore points you have set but will remove them as the space allocated to it is used up. It will continue making restore points until it takes up (by
default) 12% of your drive.
Then it will delete the oldest restore point(s) so that the max space
System Restore will take is 12% (or whatever you set it to be).

  2397110 17:13 29 Dec 2003

Thanks for that. The slider is set to 12%.(Max) Trouble is I know a definite date in October that is a good restore date for the items that have been lost ie'Copy to Disc' in My Pictures. But Can not move back to October. Any other suggestions guys?

Just use the next best SR point. Should be the earliest date....

  spikeychris 17:20 29 Dec 2003

How far back will SR take you?

  2397110 17:27 29 Dec 2003

The earliest 'Highlighted Point' is 21st December

  spikeychris 17:29 29 Dec 2003

Have you clicked the left arrow in the right hand box?

  2397110 17:30 29 Dec 2003

.......and are only December's restore points are available!

  hugh-265156 17:30 29 Dec 2003

try right clicking the jpeg etc and choose "send to" then select your cd drive

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