Unable to stop Junkmail accumulating on computer

  naviator 14:57 13 Aug 2011

Away from home recently I decided to look at my email on my host's computer. Using Google I entered Orange email and gained access. I was surprised to find that in addition to the usual local folders, "Inbox" etc, there was also an additional one "Junkmail" which never appears on Outlook Express. It had at that time 839 items in it among them many which were unsavory. There seemed no quick way to eliminate them all at once and to get rid of all of them I had to tick each one in turn before clicking on the appropriate button. A tedious procedure but eventually done. On return home two days later I repeated the procedure only to find that I now had 93 items which had accumulated since I had emptied the folder and there are probably even more there now. On selecting email on O E I find that SPAMfighter shows none of these in it's folder but I suspect that it or another security device blocks them from the screen. Can anyone please give me more information on how to stop this influx of obscene and stupid material?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:07 13 Aug 2011
  1. you cannot stop it

    1. you do not see it on your PC as it is stopped on the server at Orange by their filters, quickly scan down t make sure no wanted emails are there ( the filters are pretty good but nothing is perfect)

    2. to delete 50 at a time when on the webmail page - junkmail folder, tick the box at the top left corner and it will put a tick in all items on the page click delete it will ask to confirm. 50 items done with 3 presses

    3. repeat for the next 50 items until the folder is empty

it will fill up again

  naviator 16:26 13 Aug 2011

Thanks very much. Useful tip about deletion which will save a lot of time. Wonder why these people have to send thes things anyway?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:44 13 Aug 2011

If one person in every thousand falls for it the spammers make money out of it.

  Woolwell 19:40 13 Aug 2011

It's a little while since I did this but you should be able to empty your junk mail at once through manage folders see empty your deleted mail folder paragraph Orange webmail

  robin_x 10:27 14 Aug 2011

Does OE not have offline (saved to your PC) or sync/download settings?

Try creating a new folder with the same name (Junkmail)in your account and see if it gets populated from the server.

This is what my Thunderbird/AOL mail (IMAP)seems to do. I was quite surprised when I created a folder and it appeared on my web mail page.

  lotvic 10:57 14 Aug 2011

robinofloxley, I wouldn't want to download all that junk mail just so that I could delete it.... much better to sort and delete junk on the webmail server IMHO

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