Unable to sign into MSN on wireless connected PC

  onceablue007 23:41 10 Jan 2006

Have sucessfully attached 2nd PC to internet using USB Wireless adaptor. The plan was to get this PC to be the one the kids could sign into MSN. Although the internet connection (AOL) is fine i am unable to sign into MSN and when trying to get to MSN login help sites the connection fails. Are there any firewall settigns tat may be stopping me connect or even create a new passport.net account.

  Skyver 23:43 10 Jan 2006

Port 1863 for Messenger. Are you logging in to a `restricted` AOL account, if you disable chat options with AOL software it blocks Messenger too.

  onceablue007 23:47 10 Jan 2006

No, I am using my own AOL account which is not restricted. I have set up screen name for my daughter that has some parental controls but I have not used this account when trying to get MSN working.

  Skyver 23:51 10 Jan 2006

Do you get any error messages? Can you post the problematic URL? Which USB adapter/modem/router model(s)?

  onceablue007 07:31 11 Jan 2006

I have the Netgear USB Wireless adaptor (W111v2) and the Router is also netgear g384 model. It all works fine with AOL. Both PC's are Windows XP. I can get to click here to test the sign in, but once i enter the email account it appears to be blocked trying to verify the security details. I try to uncheck firewall settings but still had the same issue.

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