Unable to share printer

  ventanas 11:58 15 Jun 2005

I have just reformatted by desktop pc and reinstlled the HP2300dtn and set it shared so my colleague can also use it. But the other PC cannot see it.

I am installing through the Add Printer Wizard as a "netowrk printer or printer attached to another computer," selecting "connect to this printer," and then browsing to the list. The entire network, including my pc, shows up, but when double clicking it nothing happens. The printer should appear so it can be installed, but doesn't.

I had this problem last year after a similar excercise, but cannot remember how I cured it. Must write things down in future.

Obviously a network problem, but I have checked every setting and cannot see what else to try.

Grateful for any help.

  ventanas 12:01 15 Jun 2005

Sorry should have mentioned, the printer is connected to LPT1 and was sharing without problem before the format.

  hellred 12:28 15 Jun 2005

Can the other PC see the one that has the printer ? Start/my network places/view network are both PCs showing ? If not the there is no network setup and you will have to do that over, if yes then can you start the PC with the printer first then the other and try again ( the gateway Pc needs to be started first ) In XP Pro SP2 the PC will usually do an auto install of a shared printer ??

Should that not work, lets hear what the PC OS is and the other one has on it and how are they connected, have you installed all the services on each PC TCPIP, Client for Microsoft network, File and printer sharing etc. Click on the connection icon ( could say Local Area or wireless, i dont know what you have and select properies to see the settings.

The Port the printer is sitting on does not matter.

  ventanas 13:50 15 Jun 2005

Yep, they both show. The gateway was started first, both running XP Pro SP2 on a Win2k Domain.

All required services are installed on both pc's.

There is really no conceivable reason why this is happening.

Thanks for your response.

  freaky 16:17 15 Jun 2005

I had a similar problem recently, see my post last week in the Network Forum. The cause was due to the Firewall's on the 2 networked PC's stopping them seeing each other. Full details and responses from members are in this post. As I use Norton Internet Security, I had to run Norton Network Wizard so that the respective PC's IP address and subnet masks were in the respective firewall Trusted Zones. Hope this helps.

  ventanas 16:49 15 Jun 2005

Thanks for that, but neither PC has a firewall, except that supplied with Windows, and this is turned off on both machines.

I will keep digging.

  ventanas 09:47 16 Jun 2005

Solved, found an unused machine that would see the printer, so swapped them.

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