Unable to set Tary icon

  281apple 18:40 02 Jan 2008

For the past few days, everytime I open my computer I get this message "Unable to set Tary Icon" and then I have to click on "Agree" because there is nothing else to click on. I do not know what that means or what I should do. Can anyone help please.

  SANTOS7 18:55 02 Jan 2008

Have you a Philips camera connected to your pc?... I believe its part of the software that comes with the camera. Are you running under a 'Limited User' account, as doing this can stop programs from accessing 'sensitive' areas of your system... if so, find traymin200.exe and right click it, choose 'run as' and enter the name and password of your admin. account, or log on as an Administrator and see if it runs... if this works you can configure your system to run this file with elevated privilages

  281apple 19:07 02 Jan 2008

Yes, I have a Philips camera (WEBCAM) connected to my pc. I'll check out the CD to see if the Tary Icon is part of the software. I am not running under a "limited user" account, I paid for it and registered it with Philips. I'll try the traymin200.exe tomorrow morning and will follow your instructions. That could explain why my webcam has not been working for the past few days. THANKS A LOT. I'LL LET YOU KNOW TOMORROW ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. GOING TO EAT NOW.

  SANTOS7 19:12 02 Jan 2008

Not a problem,good luck...

  DaveJC 13:30 14 Jun 2008

I have exactly the same message every morning when I switch on my PC. I do not have any webcam setup or connected. I would value a response enabling me to get rid of it.

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