Unable to set desktop wallpaper

  besuk 12:37 19 Aug 2005

I have just finished cleaning up a PC from a fatal mix of viruses of all sorts (Bloodhound.W32, Backdoor.Tofger, Download.Trojan, Trojan.Desktophijack, etc.)
I have done this with Norton Antivirus, and all seem to be O.K. now (fingers crossed!), apart from one unnerving particular.
When the PC was striken by the virus attack, a wallpaper automatically set itself up on the desktop saying something like "Your system has been infected". Once I have finished with NAV, I still couldn't remove this wallpaper. I evenctually managed to get rid of it by cancelling the file from C:\Windows, so now I just have a plain blue background, but the Desktop section of the Display Properties facility, to change it to another wallpaper,seems to be completely disabled.
I cannot do a system restore as I disabled it before running NAV, as suggested on their website.
Could anybody help, please ?

  Completealias 13:41 19 Aug 2005

After having a look on google apparently if you download reg fix no 285 REstore all display tabs from click here and merge it into your registry this should fix the problem.

As ever when working with the registry make sure you make a backup of the registry first.

  besuk 16:24 19 Aug 2005

Thank you for your reply, Completealias.
I have followed you suggestion and tried the fix, but unfortunately to no avail.
The problem still persist.
Should I worry that the virus is still lurking in the shadow ?
A more recent scan of the whole hard disk with NAV didn't reveal any infection, though ...

  Completealias 16:46 19 Aug 2005

More likely that a broken reg entry has been left over from the infection that you cleaned and hence the broken display tab another reg fix you could try is listed here click here

Also just to be on the safe side and make sure you have got everything cleaned try a online scan with housecall click here

  besuk 18:06 19 Aug 2005

I have evenctually found the solution to the problem. It was within "Local Group Policy", where you can disable the wallpaper changing facility (obviously the virus had done that).
Thanks Completealias anyway for your contribution.

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