Unable to send WORD Doc to any site via "Browse your Computer" box

  greywolfe 14:47 15 Sep 2013

I wish to send my CV to employment agencies using the "Browse your computer" file request prompt on their sites. It used to work but now when I click on the relevent WORD Doc on my system it pulls the file data:- C:\Users\Chris\Documents\Documents 1\Job Stuff\CV 2.docx into their box which cannot be read by them. My system used to transfer files entitled CV.Doc. I have recently restored my PC to factory settings and this must have disabled such file transfers. Can anybody help please.

  wiz-king 15:05 15 Sep 2013

A better way would be to attach it as a PDF. Many firms wont open Word docs or links as they think them a source of malware. Also sending as a link leaves your computer vulnerable.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:19 16 Sep 2013

"......"CV 2.docx into their box which cannot be read by them. My system used to transfer files entitled CV.Doc."

Perhaps the agencies' systems don't like the newer DOCX Word file-format or spaces in the file names. Re-save CV 2.docx as CV.Doc and try again.

  lotvic 12:52 16 Sep 2013

You seem to be sending them a link path to the file on your pc instead of attaching (uploading) the file.

Have just tested attach / browse function on an employment website and it works ok for me, my file, 'test.doc' was listed correctly next to the attach cv part, not in the message area (I created a doc and did the 'attach cv, browse' part - didn't fill in any details or register)

Can you give us a link to one of the employment agencies that you are having problems with, so that we can try it out on there?

  greywolfe 14:03 16 Sep 2013

Thanks Iotvic. The link is click here and its the Browse for your CV box that the problem for me. Thanks for your time .

  greywolfe 14:30 16 Sep 2013

Ok - I've found that if I change from Inte Exp 9 to Googgle Chrome then the file is found. So it's just a site/internet Exp 9 interface issue that I can work around. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and time

  lotvic 14:34 16 Sep 2013

works ok for me, Attach CV as Word (doc/docx) or Adobe (pdf) and underneath it says browse, so I browsed to my test cv.doc, selected it, and clicked on open. Then it appeared to the right of Browse as 'test cv.doc'

Can I check - are you saying that when you do it - to the right of Browse it says 'C:\Users\Chris\Documents\Documents 1\Job Stuff\CV 2.docx' ?

  lotvic 14:38 16 Sep 2013

OK, glad you found a workaround. Puzzling that it doesn't work in IE9 (could be some setting or other). I am using Firefox so that's likely why I didn't have a problem.

  lotvic 15:05 16 Sep 2013

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