Unable to send mail

  ened 08:53 27 Jul 2008

My wife and I share a router (Me-Ethernet cable: she-wireless)

Last night I sent her a load of pictures which she did not receive. This morning I sent her another and that has disappeared as well.

I sent one to myself and it came straight in.

I sent one to my Dad (Tiscali) and he did not receive it either.

I have been to the AOL server (Wife's a/c) and they are not there, not even in the spam folder. They have disappeared.

The only thing I have changed on my Computer is Avast instead of AVG.

Could this be the problem?

I am hoping at is not an AOL problem because I really do not want to waste half a day talking to their helpline.

  Graham. 09:11 27 Jul 2008

Are the messages in the outbox (or AOL equivalent)?

  ened 09:44 27 Jul 2008

I am using Outlook Express and they are in my Sent Items folder, so they have left my computer.

I have just accessed my account using AOL 9 VR and the missing mails do not show up in the sent items folder.

So it would appear they ar not reaching the AOL server for some reason.

However they are not 'bouncing' so I am at a bit oif a loss.

  ened 10:02 27 Jul 2008

I have now discovered that I can send myself mail but as soon as I put my wife's address in it gets lost somewhere.

ie: Send a mail to me with her in the cc box and the mail disappears and does not even come to me nor reach my Sent Items on the server.

Send a mail to JUST myself and it arrives straight away.

Can anybody suggets what might be wrong?

I did send her a mail yesterday morning and she go that but nothing since then.

  ened 11:59 27 Jul 2008

Is anyone else experiencing this or any other problem?

On the third attempt to start their software I then found myself having to re-state all my details, only to find they cannot help me and I need to try again tomorrow.

I had a few good weeks with AOL then they moved the servers to this side of the pond and Guess What?

Nothing but trouble since!!!

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