Unable to send email

  Meshuga 05:39 30 Mar 2004

I am on broadband and use OE via tiscali and although i can receive emails i cannot send mail.
I have checked all my settings and they appear to be ok. Any suggestions please. My BB provider is Metronet. Thanks, Meshuga.

  ardvarc 08:07 30 Mar 2004

Did you subscribe to Metronet mailbox. Just over £8 per year. I can both send and receive Metronet mails from OE using the mailbox email address, user name & password. PoP3 settings; Incoming mail.metronet.co.uk outgoing; smtp.metronet.co.uk The mail comes to OE first rather than your Web mailbox.

  johnnyrocker 08:09 30 Mar 2004

what is your outgoing server setttings.


  Meshuga 11:02 30 Mar 2004

Sorry for the delay replying. Hi ardvarc, am thinking of subscribing to metronet mail box.
Hi jonny, my settings are as follows,Outgoing is smtp.tiscali.co.uk Server port smtp 25. Do U need any other. As regards Metronet mailbox, is it easy to set up? Regards, Meshuga.

  Gongoozler 11:11 30 Mar 2004

Hi Meshuga. I think the problem may be that most ISPs will only let you send emails if you are logged in to their server, hence you will only be able to send emails via the Tiscali server if you have connected to Tiscali and not Metronet.

  ardvarc 12:32 30 Mar 2004

Once you get your Metronet email address and password (different from login details) it is straight forward to set it up in OE. It uses the same PoP3 settings as a normal email. ie: SMTP port 25, incoming 110 and comes to OE before hitting your web mailbox. Worth the £8pa if you stay with them but not a lot to lose if you don't.

  deadneat 12:50 30 Mar 2004

Try this one click here Its free, no ads etc, turns your PC into smtp server. Just access your isp with modem now and again to keep active. You can setup outlook exp to work easy.

  Meshuga 13:54 30 Mar 2004

Many thanks to all who replied. Ill signup with metronet mail box. It looks the easiest way out.
Thanks again. Meshuga.

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