Unable to send e-mails

  ddddddd 13:56 08 Sep 2004

I have a problem sending e-mails. When I click SEND, its slow in connecting ( connecting sign at bottom of page for approx 16 secs )so outlook express puts the message in the outbox,then an error message comes up YOUR SERVER HAS UNEXPECTEDLY TERMINATED THE CONNECTION ERROR NUMBER OX8OOCCCOF although I am still connected to the internet. if I exit outlook express , it asks me if I want to try it again, but its unsuccessful ( the error box comes up again)
Once I have left outlook express and then go back in , it sends it immediately , but will not send another message .
I am using windows xp home .
Can anyone offer help please

  ddddddd 15:18 08 Sep 2004

I have checked the ' disconnect after send/receive box and its unticked. I have no trouble receiving e-mails
Please help

  Old Shep 15:34 08 Sep 2004

Start OE and then go to Tools>Accounts.. Highlight your account and select "Properties".. Now, click on the "Servers" tab..

On the new page, right at the bottom, put a checkmark in "My server requires authentication".. Now, click on the "Settings tab beside it..

Make sure the "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" is checked.. Apply and okay out.

  Clint2 15:41 08 Sep 2004

Try click here;en-us;278637

  Clint2 15:44 08 Sep 2004

or click here;en-us;278637

  Clint2 15:47 08 Sep 2004

Sorry, forget those links, they don't seem to be working.

  Old Shep 15:52 08 Sep 2004

You need this click here to post microsoft sites. Courtesy of Vog if I remember correctly if not my apologies - memories going.

  Clint2 16:03 08 Sep 2004
  Clint2 16:07 08 Sep 2004

Thanks for that tip, as you see, I have taken you up on that. I must have been absent on the day Vog gave out that little gem.

  ddddddd 16:42 08 Sep 2004

Hi clint2 clicked on your thread to Microsoft site to follow instructions , but unable to find internet services manager ( i must be thick ! ) I have xp home and when I click on the administration tools icon I cant find the IIS any advice ?

  ddddddd 17:21 08 Sep 2004

Hi Old Shep,
following your thread I think this was written prior XP home ...how do i ' limit total network bandwidth available to all web sites on this server' as advised by microsoft

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