Unable to Rip CD Tracks using ripping program

  ponytail 16:03 04 Feb 2019

I am ripping some tracks from my CDs to put onto memory sticks to play in the car.The program I use is FreeRIP MP3 Converter but there are a couple of problems.Some CDs when I put them into the CD Writer and press rip CD nothing happens the tracks are listed but does not rip.I then put the CD into my external CD writer but it does not give me a list of the tracks but it will play the disc.Is it possible to copy CD tracks to a memory stick rather than rip them.

  Menzie 16:30 04 Feb 2019

Could be a case of DRM stopping things. Are the CDs affected from Sony music by any chance?

You could copy CDDA from the CD to the memory stick but the unit in your car might not play them back from the USB port only MP3s, WMA, etc.

  ponytail 09:59 05 Feb 2019

Hi Menzie Would you know why when I try to rip tracks from my CDS I am unable to do it using my external CD writer although I can play any CD which is in that writer.When I try to rip anything instead of getting a list of the tracks on the CD where the tracks are listed is just blank yet I can play them.

  Menzie 00:36 06 Feb 2019

I second CD Burner XP, I've used it exclusively on my PC after switching from Nero.

It should rip the CDs for you.

  john bunyan 07:39 06 Feb 2019

iTunes can also rip CD’s to MP3 format. I use it and copy tracks to a USB which play in the car , and they show by song, artist, etc

  ponytail 10:42 06 Feb 2019

I remember using CD burner XP myself ages ago and never thought about it.Will have to install it again.Will post on here how I get on.

  ponytail 11:08 06 Feb 2019

have installed CD Burner XP what is the process to get the tracks onto a memory stick.Thanks

  ponytail 13:48 06 Feb 2019

Obviously I have media player on here but have never used it what is the procedure to get the music tracks onto a memory stick.

  ponytail 10:28 08 Feb 2019

Thanks MJS Warlord am doing what you suggested with media player and the tracks are ripping now.

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