Unable to RIP CD tracks using my external drive

  ponytail 10:25 11 Nov 2018

I am copying some CD's onto a memory stick to use in the car and it is fine if I use the CD Drive in the laptop.But if I try use my external CD writer nothing appears in the list of the tracks on the CD.Yet if I click on computer it shows the CD as available and if I click on that drive the CD plays so why is nothing listed when I click on my ripping program.The program I use is FreeRip MP3 Converter.

  KEITH 1955 11:35 11 Nov 2018

Why are you wanting to use the external drive is it so that you don't use up memory space on your laptop .

This is what I do , I use media player to rip the album to my pc , I then wait a while for media player to get album art and track information off the internet. NOTE … you say you want mp3 format so before ripping to pc open rip tab in media player and pull down options their is one for mp3. Next go to my music folder and right click the album you want and choose send to pen name.

EXTRA INFO.... some car units such as my wifes vw cant read album art so wont play the music so do this , in my music right click the albums art work and choose open , it will show a folder with the albums name on it , right click this one and choose send to pen name.

  ponytail 12:11 11 Nov 2018

My car has no CD player so I am copying some of my CD's onto a couple of memory sticks using FreeRip MP3 converter which works fine when I use the factory fitted CD writer but when I use my external CD writer nothing appears for me to RIP.I click on start then all programs then FreeRIP MP3 Converter but it normally says rip disc no tracks are listed even though when I click on Computer DVD RW drive (D) shows disc inserted and I can play it.I have made a folder for each CD on the memory stick and I then rip the tracks onto a folder on the laptop then copy and paste them into the folders I have created on the memory stick which is simple.

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