unable to rid myself of...

  podlod 09:01 28 Oct 2011

Hi, I have an email if not once but 3 or 4 times a day from one particular sender who is driving me crazy trying to sell me something. No matter what i do, (and I seem to have tried everything)I cannot rid myself of his annoying sales emails. Is there any way I can stop this little *!


  rawprawn 09:14 28 Oct 2011
  birdface 09:14 28 Oct 2011

Are you using Windows Live Mail or another.You can set WLM for friends and family only but who knows what important e-mails may miss.

  lotvic 09:29 28 Oct 2011

Depending on your email provider, you can log in on your Webmail and Blacklist the address.

  gengiscant 09:53 28 Oct 2011

Brian gets his Email through a Wannadoo address. But you can always create a Gmail address and set it up that your Wanadoo emails come to the Gmail address then just mark any Emails you do not want as spam. I expect you could do something similar in Wanadoo. On no account click on unsubscribe in these types as all that does is let the spammer know that the email address is live.

  Woolwell 15:46 28 Oct 2011

You can set up a filter on Orange (Wannadoo) webmail which will block certain e-mails by sender or by content. I used to do that when I had an Orange account but don't have access now to describe it. I think that the Orange help does have something about it.

  podlod 10:16 29 Oct 2011

Hi, thanks for all your advice and will note all, will also try mailwasher. Again thanks.

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