Unable to reset Gigabyte UEFI password

  Andreiutz Smecherila 10:28 15 Sep 2018

Hello, I accidentally removed my UEFI user pass and I'm not able to remember the Administrator password any longer, and this prevents me from booting up my computer, as it is some sort of start on password, and won't even show the first screen containing the mobo brand logo if I don't enter the right pass. I tried removing the mobo battery, waited even for 20 minutes, also used a screwdriver to touch both pins of the CLR_CMOS 2-pin jumper for around 10 seconds, but the issue wasn't fixed, since the password prompt keeps appearing. First time I just tried removing the battery, I received the pass prompt (I still had the user pass back then), I typed it in, it then asked me to load otimized defaults, which I did, so it managed to clear the cmos settings, except for the passwords. It was only rhen that I thought maybe by removing the pass it would cancel the whole thing, but what I did, as said before, was only to remove the User pass, while leaving the Admin password as the only one. My motherboard is a Gigbyte H81M-S2PV, and it doesn't have a classic BIOS sytem, but a Gigabyte UEFI. I even tried booting up my pc without the CMOS battery and still the password was there (though I don't know if it was reset to a default one, since my mobo manual doesn't mention anything of the sort). I am desperate. So, please, if anyone can help me out, I would be eternally grateful to them !

  bromanz 16:07 17 Sep 2018

Download Lazersoft Recovery free program on another pc, go to its option to create a boot up cd or usb .When done insert cd/usb into your problem pc and it auto boots showing various recovery options .Click on password recovery option and it will make your password blank so you can access windows as normal . You can create a new password after if you wish .I have used a Lazersoft cd on several friends pc's to both repair windows and bypass the password block successfully. Hope this helpful

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