Unable to rename or move files stored on an EX.HD?

  buel 15:29 12 Jan 2013

Hi, I recently connected the HD from my Freeview box to my laptop and copied and pasted all the TV programmes to my external HD.

When I view them to see what particular programmes they are I try to move them (Copy and paste and cut and paste) or renmae them and the action seems to freeze. I can leave it pasting for up to half and hour and there is no progress. When I try to rename the file, the computer freezes.

Please can anyone tell me why this is happening and what I can do to stop it? I just want to identify which videi files are which?

  Chronos the 2nd 15:43 12 Jan 2013

I would imagine that Windows is having trouble with the file format that your TV/PVR records in.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:19 12 Jan 2013

Your lucky - I had a PVR fail on me and Winows would not even see the drive never mind the files on them - had to get some special software to read the drive and some more to convert the files when I could see them.

Make and model of PVR?

  SillBill 16:19 12 Jan 2013

Could they be protected with Digital Rights software?

  lotvic 16:44 12 Jan 2013

AFAIK Freeview box encrypts them with it's own type into a container (bundles the film with the program info and menu listings you see on the screen when you want to watch a recorded program). When you copy them through the freeview box to an ext harddrive or usb flashdrive, freeview unencrypts them (splits the container into separate files, one of which is the actual film). See your manual for more details and what is possible as it depends on the make and model of your freeview pvr.

That is only a guess for Freeview box as that how it works on my Humax foxsat.

  buel 19:18 12 Jan 2013

Thank you all!! Yes, on my EX HD they do read as one mail file which is .mpeg and a little small associayed file that is always 744kb and is a 'DVD movie info'.

The box is a Dion 'Trove' 'DVB (Digital video broadcasting', if that helps?

  lotvic 19:46 12 Jan 2013

Nah, too vague. Have you had a look in the manual? took me a while to get the hang of copying films from my Humax :)

  buel 19:52 12 Jan 2013

Ok, but what other options are actually available? I can view them but just not remame or move them?

  buel 20:07 12 Jan 2013

aHA!! I've just found out that 90% of the files can be rename and moved. I just happened to be trying the 10%

Sorry all.

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