unable to remove Haldex Dialler

  RussWoo 15:05 14 Oct 2003

I got Haldex dialler on my machine from visiting an adult site. Whilst this is not my default dialler and I am not logging on with massive phone charges, the thing itself is still lurking and is installed and stuck steadfastly and I cannot uninstall it. The dialler is not a virus but a nuisance all the same. I cannot understand Symantec's removal instructions which include dabbling in my registry, and neither Ad-aware nor spybot will pick it up and remove it? Any ideas please? Thanks

  keenan 15:16 14 Oct 2003
  JIM 15:22 14 Oct 2003

Your OS may help. type dialer into the search,select or and tick all discusions.

Jester2K II Fri, 10.10.03 | 12:32
Spybot is better at getting Diallers.
click here

Also where these diallers found in the C:\volume information\restore folder??

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  MichelleC 15:56 14 Oct 2003

Or boot into safemode, search/find 'dial.exe' (usually found in win32 folder) and delete any files.

  RussWoo 16:21 14 Oct 2003

Thanks, Keenan, yes I am using Windows XP and the system retore worked a treat. Really chuffed.

  keenan 16:44 14 Oct 2003

Glad to see this resolved your problem :-)

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