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Unable to remove emails from Thunderbird

  Anon-253466 17:26 10 Jan 2020

Since my PC crashed out and I had to use my Windows 8.1 Genuine Windows disc to get my PC running again I have been unable to delete some very old emails in Thunderbird. They are in "allmail" and "archive" and "deleted" if I then delete them they just come back! The PC was originally running Windows 7 and was updated to Windows 8.0 and I purchased the Windows 8.1 Disc which worked well until last week when as I mentioned it became very slow after a windows update. I tried to get back to a reset point before the update and it started to do this but then announced it had failed and would reboot, that was the last time it worked and after that it would not reboot no matter how I tried. So installed the Windows 8.1 disc but somehow ended up with Windows 10. I had tried without success to upgrade to 10 about 6 months previous and again it announced it could not function and would return to 8.1. The PC is now working correctly in 10 but I have these old emails which I am unable to remove. I have tried Thunderbird in safe mode with the add ons disabled, still unable to remove emails only new ones. Have also uninstalled Thunderbird & all its parts including profiles & ini files but still same result - emails must be somewhere on the hard drive, but where? Help please.

  Anon-1823234 21:04 10 Jan 2020

Have you tried

Clicking on your e-mail account on the left panel - above inbox Going to view settings for this account Scroll down to synchronisation and storage Choose your option under recover disc space

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