unable to record 2.30 film onto a 4 hour dvd

  steve1ooo 19:49 10 Jul 2003

i would really like to copy my old vhs tapes onto dvd.i copy the film onto the hard disc using power director pro,so far so good.the problems start when i try to copy to dvd.when i select the saved file to copy i get a message telling me the film is too long to fit onto the disc. yet the film is 2houtrs 30 mins.the dvd holds up to 4 hours. what am i doing wrong?the dvd drive is a pioneer 105 using dvd-r, the op.system winxp

  The Sack 19:53 10 Jul 2003

DVD-R(w) and DVD+R(w) are not 4 hour discs, they are 2 hours discs, the 4 hours is extended play which uses lower bitrates.

You need click here or click here

  bremner 19:56 10 Jul 2003

Effectively there is no such thing as a 4 hour DVD, the length of recording tome depends entirely on the level of compression used. The more compresion the poorer the quality.

It is aparent that your vhs is not compressed enough to get the maximum out of your DVD.

Most pre recorded DVD's have a max length of about 2 hours, hence films like Lord of the Rings are on two disks.

  y_not 20:05 10 Jul 2003

I use Pinnacle which, when I am about to encode the file to DVD format, allows me to set the quality.

It warns that if I choose the 4 hour option the quality will be reduced.

The solution sits in the options at the encoding stage but, not familiar with your app. so I can't advise any further

Take it that by this time you have realised the amount of HDD space you need for this "game"!

  steve1ooo 20:41 10 Jul 2003

hmm watch this space

  ollie < one> 00:26 11 Jul 2003


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