unable to read hard disk

  windsock 07:42 12 May 2012

hi all friends laptop was dropped by one of the kids now when booted displays message unable to read hard disk press Ctrl alt dlt stripped laptop down to see if I could see any physical damage but couldn`t see any thing reseated hard drive but no joy. is there a way of testing hd to see if it is the actual hd or if it is another component that's broke thanks

  KRONOS the First 08:11 12 May 2012

If you had a caddy or one of these Adapter then you could connect the laptop drive to another PC which would confirm or rule out the HDD as the problem.

  windsock 08:30 12 May 2012

hi thanks for your i reply live near ccl online so will call and get one is it just a matter of plugging it in and if the info on hdd can be accessed the the drive is ok

  KRONOS the First 08:33 12 May 2012

One step at a time,but I think that you could safely assume that the HDD will be fine. Handy staying near a decent PC component store, all I have is the terrible PC World.

  windsock 09:50 12 May 2012

hi all have purchased caddy and hooked up to my desktop comp it as read the hdd but the only folder that i can access is a folder with hdd recovery showning a folder size of 5 gig when i go into this folder it as folders named ODD files and SWimg but cant seem to find any of the documents that i know are on there ie: photos music etc. any more ideas please an how to get to this info thanks

  KRONOS the First 10:21 12 May 2012

Possible try this. Recuva. I take it by the tone of your posts that the files on the laptop were not backed up elsewhere?

As to your ODD and SWimg I get nothing on Google.

  windsock 10:32 12 May 2012

hi Chronus will have a go with recuva used it before a while a go. and yes always the case it will never happen to them

  robin_x 11:46 12 May 2012

Do you mean folder or partition?

What do you see in Windows Disk Management? (Start Search/Run diskmgmt.msc)

  windsock 13:09 12 May 2012

hi Robinofloxley ive gone into disk management as suggested and can see various drives showing from my desktop drives to the problem drive that i have got plugged into desktop, via usb, this drive is showing as healthy? anything else i need to do thanks

  robin_x 13:32 12 May 2012

Specifically I was just wondering if you meant you had a 5GB Recovery partition (not folder) and the rest of the drive partitions had become Unallocated or lost their drive letters?

My internal and external disks look like this

(bit crowded I know)

  windsock 13:55 12 May 2012

hi Robinofloxley no its not a partition that i cant access i seem to be accessing the drive but there's nothing in it apart from a folder that's named HDD recovery looking more deeply into it im wondering if the friends not give me all the info and have been trying to fix it and they've wiped the drive think i might need to make a phone call

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