Unable to progress past Windows XP splash screen.

  Daibus 12:43 24 Mar 2005

My Dell Dimension 4400 P4 suddenly decided to switch off yesterday for no apparent reason. After about a minute the "Safe Mode" screen appeared but whichever option is clicked I am returned to this screen.

When the computer tries to BootUp the Windows XP screen is displayed but shortly afterwards "Safe Mode" together with the various options are on the screen again.

I have tried pressing F8 during the reboot and I have had a message displayed which is shown below:

STOP 0X0000000A
(OX00000166 OX00000002 OX00000000 0X804E59C3)

There does not seem to be any option to select any of the above.

My computer has not been giving any trouble and the only hardware installed recently was a USB 2.0 card about two weeks ago and I downloaded SP2 about 1 month ago, but again these two items did not present any problems.

I would be very grateful for any idea what the trouble may be.

  Sethhaniel 13:04 24 Mar 2005

probably 'Delete button' on computer start
then just save & exit
see if that does anything

  Daibus 13:07 24 Mar 2005


Many thanks ...I will try!

  Yoda Knight 13:08 24 Mar 2005

Not clear if u tried this or not...

Enter the bios by pressing delte/F2/F5/F8 (depending on your machine) immeadiatly at start up. Find the reference to caching or shadowing and disable it.

  Daibus 14:42 24 Mar 2005

Yoda Knight

Managed to get into the Bios but under which heading and where do I find Caching or Shadowing?

With thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:26 24 Mar 2005

click here

  Daibus 18:33 24 Mar 2005


  Mikè 18:49 24 Mar 2005

Try pressing F8 during post and selecting "Last known good configuration".

  Daibus 10:40 25 Mar 2005


Thank you all for your help.

Yes I've pressed "Last known good configuration"
and then the computer tries to boot even showing the XP logo but then I am returned to the original "Safe Mode" option window again.

This happens repeatedly and I cannot get any further. Why is this?


  Daibus 21:40 25 Mar 2005


  lotvic 22:06 25 Mar 2005

"Bios but under which heading and where do I find Caching or Shadowing"

This procedure describes how to set the most important BIOS parameters to "safe" settings
click here

Advanced Features >

Video BIOS Shadow: Disable for maximum compatibility.
System BIOS Shadow: Disable for maximum compatibility.
xx00-xxFF Shadow: There will be a number of options for shadowing various ranges of upper memory. Ensure that all of these are disabled.

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