Unable to play Video files with Audio

  Jamino 21:43 15 Nov 2006

Hi there. I recently reformatted my hard-drive and am having some problems playing video files that contain audio.

First of all I could play audio-less video files, and I could also play video-less audio file, but I couldn't play a file which was a combination of the 2!

When I tried to play such a file the PC wouldn't crash, just slow RIGHT down so the PC was unusable, until I hit ctrl + alt + delete and stopped the process.

Then I installed a bunch of codecs (including the K-lite codec pack) and the problem was sorted BUT now I just can't SEE the video. I can hear the audio, and the PC doesn't slow down like before, just the video itself doesn't seem to be playing!


I'm pretty sure it's nothing to do with the drivers as i've installed the latest ones 3/4 times now.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks a lot!

  brundle 23:45 15 Nov 2006

load a movie file into this click here
it will tell you which codec(s) are required

  brundle 23:48 15 Nov 2006

use v2.21 of the above app

Sherlock is useful too click here

  Jamino 19:27 16 Nov 2006

It says I have all the right codecs... O_o

  brundle 19:30 16 Nov 2006

Did you re-install graphics drivers with your new Windows install?

  Jamino 23:11 16 Nov 2006

Yeah I did, reinstalled them twice now!

  brundle 23:15 16 Nov 2006

Sorry, you mentioned drivers at the end of your first post eh...
Does the same thing happen regardless of what media player you use?
Are you using a dedicated graphics card or on-board video hardware?
Check there are definitely no conflicts in device manager, and that your graphics card hardware acceleration is set at maximum (control panel/display/advanced/troubleshoot).

  Jamino 23:18 16 Nov 2006

Erm, I'm using an Nvidia Geforce 6600 graphics card if that helps.

And yes it happens regardless.

What do you mean by conflict?

  Jamino 23:42 16 Nov 2006

Ok, I just uninstalled all the codecs I could find and tried to play a video.

The PC didn't slow down! Ok, obviously the video wouldn't play, but the PC functioned as normal apart from the error message that told me to install the codecs.

Does that mean that there is some problem accessing the codecs? Like a problem with the folder names or something?

  brundle 23:50 16 Nov 2006

The conflict(s) I was referring to would be seen in device manager, as yellow exclamation marks or red crosses against the problematic device. Unlikely to be any problems but worth a quick look.

Re-install the basic set of Windows XP codecs if required, then try the Basic klite codec pack (too many codecs can be more problematic than none at all).
If the codecs can't be found, the computer doesn't have any work to do, so there can't be any slow-down :S Folder names are unlikely to be the issue

  brundle 23:51 16 Nov 2006

Sorry, link for re-installing basic codecs click here

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