roger mellie 21:17 11 Jun 2012

my works laptop has just had a reinstall, trouble is im now on WINDOWS XP & not WINDOWS 7 & OFFICE 2003 not 2010 Im not able to use my EXEL files properly now & on trying to play dvds WMP 11 says i have no compatible dvd decoder . What decoder is free & compatible with WMP 11? & is it possible to get WINDOWS 7 & OFFICE 2010 back with out incurring any costs to my self?

  lotvic 22:05 11 Jun 2012

As it's a works laptop I would think you will have to take it to the IT dept I presume they have done the reinstall and left you with XP instead of W7 and Office 2003 instead of 2010 - though why they would do that is beyond me

  roger mellie 21:14 13 Jun 2012

thanks lotvic, but thats the reason im asking here as our IT dept cannot spell IT, why the hell we employ them is beyond me. so the questions still stands

  rdave13 21:54 13 Jun 2012

Just download VLC player if you don't wish to download K-Lite codecs for playing DVDs. For the other questions, pull the plug on the laptop when XP is in full flow. Reboot and select 'boot normally' until it doesn't. Take it back to IT and say XP doesn't work... 8-|

  lotvic 23:50 13 Jun 2012

Ah, the perfect way to thoroughly mess up the harddrive :)

  rdave13 00:22 14 Jun 2012

lotvic, yup, but help, all the same, in this situation.

  lotvic 00:54 14 Jun 2012

Seems good advice to me, as for no reason IT dept have downgraded OS and Office installation to the point of making work difficult "OFFICE 2003 not 2010 Im not able to use my EXEL files properly now"

  Terry Brown 06:54 14 Jun 2012

Office 2007 uses the DOCx syststem while Office 2003 uses the DOC system.

Download the compability pack and all your office 2007- 2010 will be accessable.



  lotvic 16:57 14 Jun 2012

Terry Brown, yes that's the 'workaround' for office, but if it was me I would be more concerned with why IT dept. have downgraded to XP and Office 2003. Doesn't make sense that they should do that. It might have been a mistake of some sort or an in dept 'joke'

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