unable to play DVDs with Vista Business

  oxparks 13:50 04 Mar 2010

Hi everyone,

I bought a Toshiba U400 laptop last year with Vista Business and with option of XP OS.
A few months ago I watched Ocean's 11 and Friends successfully. Now I can't or any other film DVD. From talking to people in the pub the general view is that having installed updates from Microsoft as requested by them, this has now been disabled. Reading other blogs on this subject it is clearly a general issue with Microsoft specifically for those who purchased Basic, Business, or Enterprise. Without getting into the argument about how ridiculous this is of Microsoft, especially for the Business edition, Microsoft recommend either upgrading(yeh right for £100 more!)(I don't wont to bother to install XP as well) or buy Roxio Cineplayer decoder for £10 or Cyberlink's decoder for $15. If I go for Roxio will this solve the problem?

Many thanks

  MAJ 13:57 04 Mar 2010

If you think a DVD decoder is all you need, then try using VLC click here it includes a decoder and it's free.

  Woolwell 14:18 04 Mar 2010

Vista Business does not come with the MPEG 2 decoders for Windows Media Player. However the Tosh U400 should come with Toshiba DVD Player which should be able to play the DVD.
Did you previously watch through that?
I have Vista Business on a laptop and there haven't been any updates that have disabled DVD viewing.

  oxparks 12:04 09 Mar 2010

thanks MAJ and Woolwell for replies.

MAJ-I tried downloading the VLC software but still no success.

Woolwell-Yes when I bought the Tosh last year, I could immediately play dvds which was wonderful compared to my old(very) Tosh. I cannot now remember whether the Tosh came with a disc which I had to install.

I am unclear if the issue is hardware or software.

I have just used Tosh Assist and gone through Diagnostics where it tests each piece of hardware on the machine. For some bizarre reason it tests everything else but says Skip when it comes to the CD/DVD drive when I want it to Test. However
when I look under Device Manager it says CD/DVD-ROM drive is working properly.

I was contemplating uninstalling Tosh CD/DVD and reinstalling but then there are 100+ related sub folders to delete and I am not confident that is the right thing to do.

Toshiba have help forum but no obvious help email service. When I phoned them once before I did not find the guy I spoke to particularly helpful.

So am very frustrated with no DVD player. And unclear how to resolve this irritating problem.

Anyone else able to solve this issue? Thanks!

  Woolwell 14:39 09 Mar 2010

Have you found Toshiba DVD Player on your laptop?

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