unable to play DVD

  sambucameister 09:36 25 Feb 2007

Not really a PC problem I know but thought I'd post it anyway.
I had a TV program copied from a DVD player to DVD-R for me and have been unable to play it in any PC, PS2, DVD player in the house. It was formatted at the time (or whatever you have to do when you burn it) but I can't get a thing out of it.
I know thats not much to go on, but any ideas out there?



  sambucameister 09:41 25 Feb 2007

I've just tried it again in my PC DVD drive, and it does nothing more than start to spin up and then clicks out again, just like a relay making and breaking (for those of you who remember relays!)It does this repeatedley until its removed.
The DVD player (not PC) doesn't recognise it and just shows the LOAD screen.

  The Old Mod 09:51 25 Feb 2007

Hi, My guess is that the dvd was not finalized in the dvd recorder, give it back and get them to do so. Hope this helps.

  sambucameister 18:10 25 Feb 2007

but yes is was definitely finalised (thats what I meant when I said formatted, but couldn't think of the word at the time!). Any other thoughts out there?

  moorie- 00:21 27 Feb 2007

you need a codec installed that plays television programmes,try this media player its free and plays most things
click here

if that fails download codec pack
click here

  De Marcus™ 05:12 27 Feb 2007

It sounds like a duff disk if it refuses to play on any machine and has definitely been finalised.

  postie24 18:43 27 Feb 2007

Does it play in the recorder that it was 1st recorded on?


  rodriguez 22:21 27 Feb 2007

Have a look at the bottom - if there's a small gap of blank space in between the centre of the disc and the start of the recorded area, it hasn't been finalised properly. If all of it is a light purple colour it's been finalised, but probably has a corrupt TOC (the bit the drive reads 1st to determine there's a disc in and what's on it). Have a look for dark patches on the recorded area - this can happen if the disc was dirty or scratched before it was recorded which means areas still remain blank and the disc will be corrupted. The clicking noise you describe seems to point to an unreadable disc. I don't know what make your recorder is, but my mate had a DVD recorder made by LiteOn and that rendered a few discs unreadable.

  terryf 23:33 27 Feb 2007

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  David4637 15:56 28 Feb 2007

Will it play a commercial DVD, you need to confirm whether the drive is OK before doing anything else? David

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