Unable to open Microsoft Word document with clicks

  99ab 00:40 01 Dec 2005

I am running Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2000. When I try to open a Word document by clicking twice on its icon, Word opens up but after a second or two a popup comes up saying "Microsoft Word for Windows has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." It then offers to send a full technical breakdown of the problem to Microsoft but what M do with it, I haven't a clue.

The Windows window then closes and that's that.

I've previously used Microsoft Office very satisfactorily with Windows 2000 and this only started 2 weeks after installing Windows XP.

However, if I open Word first and then go file>open> and browse to the file I need to open, it works OK.

I have checked the association of the .doc extension with Word and have replaced the normal.dot file but to no avail.

Any suggestions from any of the learned people in this forum? I'm a bit reluctant to have to install Microsoft Office all over again.


  Smegs 00:46 01 Dec 2005

Not sure on this, but have you tried making a short-cut??? Then trying the short-cut to see what happens.

  99ab 02:13 01 Dec 2005

I have tried making a shortcut but the problem still remains when I double click on the shortcut.


  wee eddie 07:15 01 Dec 2005

Office has a Repair function.

Why not try that

  99ab 14:02 01 Dec 2005

Please, where do I find the repair function in Office? I can't find it. Please bear in mind I am using Office 2000.


  GroupFC 14:12 01 Dec 2005

"Please, where do I find the repair function in Office?" - In word, go to help and select detect and repair and follow the instructions (you will need the disk(s) during the repair).

  Curio 14:15 01 Dec 2005

Control Panel, Add Remove Programs. Scroll down to Microsoft office. Click on Change button, select Repair

  99ab 15:30 01 Dec 2005

I have repaired MS Office, I have removed and reinstalled Office but the problem persists. Any more ideas, anyone?

If I click on a Word file, then go "open with" and select Word, I get the same effect but if I select Wordpad, it works OK.


  Curio 16:54 01 Dec 2005

Long shot since you have reinstalled Office. Run all the standard AntiVirus & Malware checks just in case something is lurking. Spybot Adaware, A2 etc

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