Unable To Open Links

  RussB78 14:05 22 Jan 2012

Hello All,

I can`t open any of the links in any of these forums, has anyone any suggestions why this is, and ideas about what I can do to put this right.

  birdface 14:19 22 Jan 2012

Obvious one, have you tried rebooting to see if that works,

  lotvic 14:28 22 Jan 2012

"can't open any of the links in any of these forums"

So how did you manage to post a new thread then?

Which links specifically? Adverts, links in posts, change page to different section? Please give an example so we can try it out and see if it is 'just you' or if links are broken on webpage.

What happens when you click on a link?

  RussB78 14:49 22 Jan 2012

Sorry Guys, Links in Posts, but I have To say that seemed obvious to me and surely posting a thread is different from trying to open a Link within one.


  RussB78 14:50 22 Jan 2012

lotvic, When I click oon a link absolutely nothing happens.

  Woolwell 14:59 22 Jan 2012

You haven't mentioned which browser, whether you have any add-ons running, adblockers etc.

If IE try resetting it the defaults.

  Woolwell 15:00 22 Jan 2012

Ps is it just on this site?

  RussB78 15:20 22 Jan 2012

Hi Woolwell,

I don`t use any other forums and I am useing IE9 with no Addons running.

This problem has been for the last three days in the Forums on the PCA site.

I just love that "Obvious one, have you tried rebooting to see if that works" from Buteman.


  tonyq 16:24 22 Jan 2012

Try right click,"open in a new tab"see if that opens the link.

  Woolwell 16:45 22 Jan 2012

Try in compatible mode.

  Woolwell 17:08 22 Jan 2012

"I don`t use any other forums" but do the links work on other webpages eg BBC News?

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