Unable to open Internet Explorer 7

  Cassy 14:29 05 Sep 2008

I cannot open Internet Explorer 7 I double click the icon and no response I go to programmes and select Internet Explorer and no response.
I use Tiscali broadband as my ISP with XP and have downloaded Software Distribution Service 3.0.
I am able to rceive and send emails via Mailwasher and Outlook Express.I can also download updates for AVG 8 and ZoneAlarm.
I tried Troubleshooter on my XP computer and it said that: 'Internet Troubleshooter has detected that your computer cannot ping your default gateway.'

I DO NOT have Norton but do have the following programmes which may influence the problem:
I have Fix-It Utilities 7
a-squared anti-walware
AVG free 8
Bitdefender 8
Mailwasher free
Zone Alarm version 7.0.483.000

I am sending this email from my Vista laptop on wireless from my Tiscali Router which connects my XP also by ethernet. No problems on laptop opening IE7!

Please can you advise.
Thank You

  Technotiger 14:54 05 Sep 2008

Un-install IE7 using Control Panel>Add/Remove and then re-download and install IE7 afresh.

click here

  skidzy 14:58 05 Sep 2008

Alternatively download Firefox ,save to flash drive or cd from a working pc and install.This will give you a working browser for now.click here

Also try disabling Zonealarm and try again,dont forget to re-enable ZA.

  Diemmess 15:12 05 Sep 2008

If the problem hasn't yet been solved, maybe the same defect appeared a couple of months ago.

If you have XP Pro as OS, plus AVG and Zone Alarm, it was possible to install Updates for XP number KB951748 and the others in the wrong order!

Absurd you might say, but it seems Zone Alarm and MS were not at the time singing from the same sheet, and I was one of many who simply could not go online.

A very simple fix was to seek out and uninstall KB951748. Within a day or two the matter was bypassed or overcome with an update for ZA which you have..

  Cassy 15:31 05 Sep 2008

Thank you for your help but I am unable to uninstall KB951748 in add/remove programmes it tells me that this update cannot be removed!

  Cassy 16:46 05 Sep 2008

Thank you all for your help. I have as recommended installed Firefox from the October 2008 PC ADvisor disk. It's up and working and on first look its much sharper & clearer so I'll keep my fingers crossed
Thanks again to all who replyed

  Technotiger 17:02 05 Sep 2008

I prefer Firefox anyway, though I do use IE sometimes.

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