Unable to open Google Chrome's 'home' page.

  algey 21:40 18 Jul 2013


Have had Google Chrome for a few months now, but when logging on the web page that opens is,

search.babylon.com, also on occasion am asked to download HD Player.

Anyone have an idea what's going on?


  Woolwell 21:51 18 Jul 2013

Chrome has been hijacked by Babylon which is akin to a virus. Unfortunately it gets installed with other free programs.

Removal instructions

  Woolwell 21:51 18 Jul 2013

ps It is your pc not just Chrome.

  algey 23:13 18 Jul 2013

Hi Woolwell

Thanks for your early reply. Have checked my programmes as per instructions but there is no Babylon listed but have deleted programmes that have been installed in the last week. Tried to log into Google Chrome but again got search.babylon, is it hiding somewhere?

  Woolwell 11:59 19 Jul 2013

Did you scroll further down in the link and remove bablyon from your browsers?

There was no need to uninstall the programs but a system restore to before you installed them (which would have also removed them) may have helped.

  algey 18:47 19 Jul 2013

All right now, (still couldn't find 'babylon', even when following instructions, but found it under Settings- the search engine was babylon so altered it to Google Chrome.)

Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge

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