Unable to open CD writer drawer

  muffin1947 12:59 20 Feb 2010

I have been trying to install a game and on my first attempt I was right at the end of the 2nd disc when I got a error message so I cancelled it.Just tried again and was going to make a note of the error message but have only got half way through the first disc and the installation just stopped.Now I am unable to open the drive to remove the disc.I was going to try my external drive.But now I am stuck as I cannot remove the disc.Any ideas anyone.

  Technotiger 13:04 20 Feb 2010

Straighten a paper-clip and push one end into the small hole on the front of the cd drive, this will release the drawer. The hole is there just for that purpose.

  northumbria61 13:05 20 Feb 2010

I don't know what make you have but some have a small hole on the front of the drawer into which you can insert something fine like a paper clip to release. Have you also tried clicking COMPUTER - then RIGHT click your CD/DVD drive and select EJECT

  northumbria61 13:07 20 Feb 2010

Great minds think alike Technotiger - and it appears - at the same time!

  ponytail 13:15 20 Feb 2010

Thanks guys but it does not appear on my computer and do you believe it I do not possess a paper clip or anything similar.

  BRYNIT 13:17 20 Feb 2010

Try restarting the computer. As the computer starts press the eject button. If the computer has problems read a disk it will sometimes prevent it from opening.

  Technotiger 13:19 20 Feb 2010

Can you not get a paper-clip from a neighbour or someone?

  ponytail 13:32 20 Feb 2010

Just tried the paper clip method and there is no hole in the actual drawer it's self.The drive is a NEC and I think it is a 3500 model but am unable to see a number on it and as it does not appear on my computer that is all the info I have.Why would it not appear when I click on my computer.

  Technotiger 13:54 20 Feb 2010

The hole is not in the Drawer itself, it is on the front of the drive just beneath the drawer.

  peugeot man 14:19 20 Feb 2010

have a look at this

click here

  Input Overload 14:35 20 Feb 2010

I got a proper tool with a CD writer I once purchased it's very much like a straightened out paper clip. ;-)

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