Unable to my server from WWW

  GRC 11:19 20 May 2006

I am trying to set up a home automation program called Homeseer. It has a web server built in on a PC which has a fixed IP and working correctly as I can access it from any PC on my home network. I cannot however access from www. I have found my IP house IP, set up port forwarding on the router (netgear rp114) tried various different ports, etc.etc. but just get Error 404. Am I missing something?

  mgmcc 07:32 21 May 2006

When you are trying to access from the WWW, are you doing so with a computer and internet connection which is totally separate from your home network?

  GRC 10:15 21 May 2006

mgmcc-Yes I have tried from my work, which is the purpose of this project. However at the moment I am trying from another computer on the local network by typing in the house IP:port number. Are you saying I cannot test this out this way?

  mgmcc 13:35 21 May 2006

In another thread someone was trying to access a computer in his network which had been set up as a web server. However, he was trying to do this by going on to the internet with another computer in his network and trying to come back in to his web server. Effectively, he was trying to access his web server with his own IP address, because both had the same WAN IP, and it didn't work. The suggestion was to go to a neighbour's PC and try accessing from that instead. The alternative, if you have broadband, is to remove one PC from the network and use a dialup connection to the internet to access the PC with port forwarding from the router.

  GRC 22:04 21 May 2006

OK I understand what you say which will save me alot of wasted time. Thanks for that!

  GRC 22:22 24 May 2006

Footnote: Now got this working having also figured how to open the necessary ports in XP firewall.

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