Unable to make Internet Connection

  Trevhse 09:27 28 Feb 2005

My major problem is that I bought a Multivision computer just before they went into liquidation! It runs XP home and has just had a new motherboard and hard drive. I have BT broadband and a Netgear router. My laptop works fine wireless, therefore the router is OK. My desk top is not showing any Internet connections at all in Network Connections. The Home Network connection wizard will not come up. The LAN although plugged in does not show in Internet Connections. I cannot enter 'properties' from My network places. I apparently have 2 network adapters. I am hitting my head against a brick wall. Any help and I would be grateful.

  Chezdez 13:13 28 Feb 2005

are you trying to link the PC wireless or wired?

are all drivers installed?
go start > control panel > system > hardware > device manager

ake sure that your adapters have the drivers installed. if there are yellow question marks, post here with what they are

  Trevhse 18:38 28 Feb 2005

I am linking the desk top wired. All network adapters have their drivers installed. Already checked that. Do you think that I might have to uninstall and reinstall BT Broadband?

  Chezdez 20:25 28 Feb 2005

have a look at the cable your using.

somewhere on it there will be written the spec of the wire, it should say cat-5 somewhere, and either 568A or 568B, could tell me if you have A or B please?

  Trevhse 20:41 28 Feb 2005

The cable says B

  Newuser4165 09:23 01 Mar 2005

Is the network adapter "onboard" or a separate card?
If "onboard" then has it been enabled in the Bios?

If onboard and enabled then you could try a cheap network card instaed but you will ned to disable the onboard adapter in the bios.

I hope that makes sense.

  Chezdez 22:17 01 Mar 2005

well, the cable is correct, so that's one thing we should be able to rule out, but try a different cable (568B - straight through)

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