Unable to looad imagehlp.dll

  Dobba 11:18 09 Feb 2005

My wife's computer is running Windows 98 and is not connected to the internet (Must be the only one in Gt. Britain!)
She is trying to load a new programme via CD and keeps getting the error message
"PE-PACK. IMPORT LDR ERROR.unable to load imagehlp.dll."
I have tried downloading this file from the internet, using Google to find it, and have installed it in both in Windows System and Windows System32, but to no avail. The file from my Windows XP is simply not recognised at all by W 98.
Anyone any ideas, please?

  SANTOS7 11:26 09 Feb 2005

click here
the error message seems to relate to this it may well be that the files on the disc were corrupt and you need to be rid if this virus before you can install the program

  SANTOS7 11:27 09 Feb 2005

click here there is a removal tool here

  Dobba 14:18 09 Feb 2005

Hi Santos7.
Thanks for your advice but I don't think it's anything to do with the Worm as my wife's computer is not connected to the internet and I have looked to see if files such as Natal!.pif and installed and they are not.
Any other ideas?

  Diemmess 17:33 09 Feb 2005

Two things

Are you certain this worm if it is there, was not acquired by copying or installing some imperfect disk or file?

Is the program (which you haven't named) a commercial CD of impeccable origin? Is Windows 98 part of its minimum spec?

If it is a recent purchase why not try the manufacturer for help.

  Dobba 17:45 09 Feb 2005

At present, my wife has no access to the internet and does not download. What products she does load are well known and respected programmes - the CD Roms causing the present trouble are part of a computer course and I have tried to load them on my own computer (Which they do, with no problems and the blessings of Norton Anti Virus).
I am fairly certain, therefore, that she has not introduced any worm or virus into her computer.
Thanks for trying.

  Diemmess 18:33 09 Feb 2005

OK to no virus, but some educational CDs are very particular about which O/S they are designed for............A bit of a grasping at straws I know.

  Diemmess 18:54 09 Feb 2005

Forgot to say I opened a win98SE computer and failed to find imagehlp.dll It is probably related to help on the program you are trying to install

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