Unable to logon to Windows XP Home

  Stuart Leyland 12:34 18 Sep 2003


I have a computer that won't let me logon to Windows XP Home Edition. Everything loads up fine but when you click on a username to login you are logged out immediately.

I have tried to repair Windows by doing an install over the top of what is currently there, used AVG (up to date) to scan the hard drive for viruses by putting it in another computer and all to no avail.

The person who came in with the computer said that his son had moved all the contents from the C: drive into a folder and back again. However, if this were the case then I would not expect the computer to start up at all.

Please help!


  Jester2K II 12:36 18 Sep 2003

Can you log inunder the Admin Accounts?

  AndySD 12:45 18 Sep 2003

Try booting into Safe Mode and create a new user and see if it will boot with that.

  Stuart Leyland 21:38 19 Sep 2003

I must apologise for not replying back, I completely forgot about the thread as I spent some considerable time puzzling over the problem, along with a collegue and a mate of his.

The problem was that you couldn't logon AT ALL. Not under safe mode, not under the admin account, nothing at all would let you logon. Holding down the shift and control keys in order to bypass the startup folder (and several other files which I cannot remember!) had no effect either.

It was therefore decided to hook the hard drive up to a test machine, delete the Windows directory, put it back in the computer and reinstall Windows. This meant that all documents were saved as were the setup of the desktop, etc. A very useful tip that I must remember when I break my machine :D

Thanks for the replies guys and once again I am sorry that I did not reply sooner.

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