Unable to login to Winows Updates

  JimmyG 16:09 01 Jan 2003
  JimmyG 16:09 01 Jan 2003

When attempting to login to windows updates I get a white screen with the message: "Thank you for your interest. You must be running a microsoft operating system in order to use windows update".
I am running XP. I have read all relevent threads in this forum since April last year. I have trawled through hundreds of Windows assistance threads and Help and Support suggestions. Also I have tried installing and uninstalling various windows components all to no avail.
I do not feel competent to start delving too deep into my software without a bit of advice.
Automatic update still works so you could say I haeve no problem but I should prefer to be in charge of my computer, not the reverse. This subject has been done to death I know, but it is a frustrating niggle. Would somone help please.

  €dstow 16:17 01 Jan 2003

Just tried it. I get the message that I must have an internet connection to use Windows Update!!

I am sending this on a wish and a prayer.


  recap 16:22 01 Jan 2003

I'm using W98 and can get in no problem. There are instructions on how to log on as an administrator for certain O/Ss.

  JimmyG 16:23 01 Jan 2003

Thanks but I am connected to the internet via BT Broadband. Or is your posting a windup?

  JimmyG 16:27 01 Jan 2003

Thanks,it is only since late November that the problem has occurred. I have changed nothing of significance on my computer since then.

  hellred 18:03 01 Jan 2003

Dont you have to be logged on as an Administrator to change or update System files in XP Pro ?? Home??

  worf 18:08 01 Jan 2003

What browser are you using? I get the same if I use my Netscape Browser but if I use IE its fine.

  €dstow 18:37 01 Jan 2003

No, my post wasn't a wind up.

I'm on BT broadband and tried to connect to Windows update immediately before I posted my reply above. Windows update told me that I must have an internet connection to use it. I closed the Help and Support page and an XP error message came up. I told it that I didn't want to tell Microsoft (well, I couldn't could I as it had just told me there was no internet connection).

I tried again just after I posted and got the same response.


  JimmyG 19:04 01 Jan 2003

You are all very kind to offer your assistance but I am logged on as administrator and I have tried IE and Netscape. Apologies €dstow I didn't quite get the drift of your post. I shall now log out and get this sorted; once I have done so I shall report back in case my findings can help other mortals!!

  Stuartli 20:10 01 Jan 2003

Since Windows UpDate was upgraded it has proved fine one visit and a nightmare the next.....

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