Unable to load vista recovery to new HDD

  Hoodie 10:35 22 Apr 2011

Computer - Toshiba L350-170 Cpu 2GHz 2Gb RAM. Initially failed to boot. Checked in Bios - No HDD listed. Relaced with Toshiba (new & sealed)MK2555GSX sata2.Now listed in Bios. Loaded Vista recovery disk---"windows loading files" Got to RECOVERY UTILITY--select language---Next Now Dos box RECGUI -- ERROR:CreateFile\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 the system cannot find the file specified When OK'd-- Hard disk drive is not accessible or bad raid configuration Help!!!

  Terry Brown 10:46 22 Apr 2011

The windows recovery disk, recovers the operating sysytem from the Original harddrive, as it is not on the new drive , it cannot recover it.

You say the old (original drive) drive was not found in bios, did you check the physical connections (data and Power cables) as sometimes -especially with SATA drives they can come loose. Try to reconnect the drive again or use a connector kit http://www.usbnow.co.uk/p52/USB2.0IDE&SATACable%28withPowerSupply%29/product_info.html?gclid=CJut35Xrr6gCFUFC4QodAVkWHA like this to connect externally. Terry

  Graham. 11:33 22 Apr 2011

Terry Brown

your linkUSB to Sata

  Hoodie 17:57 22 Apr 2011

terry thanks for your interest but I believe you are wrong. The recovery disks I have are OEM disks and I have used them successfully when HDD went approx 2years ago. graham I am working with a new (blank) HDD, surely I woul need the windows system to be operating to be able to use a USB device. anyway thanks lads Hoodie

  Terry Brown 21:45 22 Apr 2011


The recovery disks are only usable once, which is why they cannot be used a second time, as for USB, that is loaded from the bios and is independent of windows.

When you boot your computer up, have a look at the text on the screen and you will see the USB drives being loaded before windows.

It is unusual for a Harddrive to only last 2 years, unless you are a very heavy user and it is running 24 hours a day. If you can borrow a copy of Vista from a friend, you could use the licence number on your machine to activate it.

I strongly suggest you make regular FULL backups to a seperate drive, using a program like Acronis free. http://download.cnet.com/Acronis-True-Image-Home/3000-2242_4-10168093.html


  woodchip 23:27 22 Apr 2011

Its just as Terry Brown says in is first post, That why all new PC buyers should invest in Acronis and create a Image to a External Drive so that if things like this happen you can fit a new drive then load the Image.

As it is now you haven't a cats whisker of getting it going without shelling out for a Operating System disc or loading a free Linux Distro

  Hoodie 10:46 23 Apr 2011

Thank to Terry & Woodchip, Took on board your advice and attempted to load my old XP professional pro disk. It loaded files showed "Set up could not determine the type of one or more mass storage devices installedon your system.
set up will now load support for the following mass storage devices.
Then indicates NONE Is the new HDD faulty ? or What else ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:51 23 Apr 2011

XP cannnot see SATA drives unless you load the relevant SATA drivers at the F6 prompt early in the setup routine.

However XP expects them to be loaded from a Floppy so the usual method to load XP on a SATA drive is to slipstream the drivers and XP onto a new CD using "nlite"

  onthelimit1 14:48 23 Apr 2011

Fruit Bat - for future reference, are those drivers included on SP 3, please?

  bremner 15:16 23 Apr 2011

"The recovery disks are only usable once"

I have reloaded from recovery disks on a number of occasions, where have you got the idea that it can only be done once?

  Hoodie 16:25 23 Apr 2011

Fruit Bat Again loaded XP set up using F6 same result, This gets me to the same situation as attempting to reload VISTA with recovery disks. The setup files load on to the computer but then cannot detect new HDD (C) to load said files to. Is HDD faulty? -- what else to try? Bremner -- Thanks for agreeing recov disks can be used to reinstall Vista

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