Unable to install XP Prof

  s99Raj 16:17 26 Aug 2009

I have a desktop with an MS-7312, Version 1.0 motherboard.

I'm trying to do a clean install of XP Prof. I've been into the BIOS, selected "Load Optimized Defaults" and seit the boot priority to CD-ROM first and Hard Disk second.

All goes well except that at the start I am not offered to "Press any key to boot from CD". It goes straight into loading XP. So I let it carry on and format the hard drive etc.

The problem then is that after the initial setup files have been loaded the computer restarts as it should but then repeats the procedure for loading the initial setup files again instead of carrying on loading XP properly.

Hope that makes sense. How can I rectify this please? Cheers.

  bremner 16:32 26 Aug 2009

Is your hard drive a SATA?

If it is you will probably need to load the drivers (press F6 when asked if you want to load 3rd party drivers). These will have been supplied on a disk with your motherboard.

  s99Raj 16:35 26 Aug 2009

Yes, it is a SATA but I don't have any motherboard drivers.

Besides, when I initially put XP Prof on it a few weeks ago I had no problem - it went all the way through as if it was a PATA hard drive.

  s99Raj 16:37 26 Aug 2009

Also, the hard drive seems to be recognised without the need for any SATA drivers, as i can get to the part where I'm given the option to format it.

  GaT7 16:42 26 Aug 2009

Once the initial setup files have been loaded (& whilst it's rebooting for the first time), temporarily open the optical drive tray until it goes past trying to load the PC from the optical drive. G

  s99Raj 16:47 26 Aug 2009

OK, Crossbow7, I'll just go and try that .....

  s99Raj 16:59 26 Aug 2009

Nope, no good. It just keep restarting, each time looking to the CD Drive.

  GaT7 17:40 26 Aug 2009

The only other thing I can think of is that the hard drive or partition is bad.

Can you try another hard drive?

Or, place the present hard drive in another PC & reformat it. Then do a thorough check: right-click the drive > Properties > Tools > Error-checking > Check now, place a tick in both boxes > Start. Also try the free version of HD Tune click here for a 2nd opinion - do an error scan, but without ticking 'Quick Scan'. G

  s99Raj 18:03 26 Aug 2009

Tried that - the hard drive is new (only a couple of months old).

Error scans are fine.

Tried a different hard drive in the desktop but got the same problem - the hard drive is recognised but I get no option to "Press any key to boot from CD" at the start.

  GaT7 18:13 26 Aug 2009

OK, on the 2nd time of booting (i.e. after the initial setup files have copied), enter the BIOS & change the boot order to hard drive first. Leave the Windows CD in the drive. G

  s99Raj 20:37 26 Aug 2009

Tried that too - the screen stays blank and then restarts.

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