Unable to install Windows

  s99Raj 22:49 16 Sep 2006

I'm trying to do a clean install of XP Home with XP 2, which comes on one CD. It's an original one from Dell and I'm trying to load it onto a Dell Dimension 3100. The computer seems to recognise the SCSI hard drive (withuot me having to press F6) and I can get through the formatting stage, and a it then goes through loading various setup files, but then gets to another stage (still on one of the main blue pages with white writing) where it's about to load Windows.

But all it does at this stage is go back to a Welcome To Windows page where it again asks me to press Enter to setup Windows. I've tried this several times but I keep getting back to the same page. It just goes round in circles. Why would this be?

I've formatted the hard drive to NTFS using both the "quick" way and the slow way.

  sean-278262 22:52 16 Sep 2006

Install the scsi driver using the F6 option. I believe that may be why you are having trouble.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:54 16 Sep 2006

To work around this behavior, do not press a key when
Windows XP Setup restarts your computer.

Windows XP Setup Restarts the Setup Program When Your Computer Restarts
click here;en-us;826976[/url]

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:56 16 Sep 2006
  s99Raj 23:12 16 Sep 2006

That's just it - I don't press any keys at all when the computer restarts.

Right in the middle of it setting up Windows (after I've formatted, etc.), it immediately goes back to the first setup screen without restarting.

  s99Raj 23:18 16 Sep 2006

I didn't get any SCSI drivers with the computer. Should I have?
Would it recognise the SCSI hard drive without these drivers?

  daxian 00:08 17 Sep 2006

hi .....i had a similar problem with a medion pc .......
it turned out i was using the wrong disk ,medions come with 2 disks one with applications on and the other with the windows software....might it be the same with a dell?

turned out i had to use the applications disk first ,which loaded the drivers for the sata drive and setup for loading windows,which i had to insert at a set time in the sequence .

like you i went thru all the setup for windows and when it rebooted the process started from the beggining.hope this helps Dave.

  s99Raj 13:37 17 Sep 2006

The problem doesn't seem to be the SCSI drivers; when I try to load them anyway, it tells me that Windows has its own anyway and I get the "Blue Screen of Death". What's happening is this :

I do not need to press any key at startup - it goes straight to the CD. At the Windows Setup page I get to "Setup is loading files" and then "Setup is starting Windows". I then press F8 to accept the licence and go to format the hard drive, which it does. It then goes through 100% of the "Setup is copying files" procedure, and then reboots.

All is normal so far but when it reboots it goes striaght to the CD again (without me pressing any key) and the whole process is repeated. I can't get past this stage.

At reboot I can press F12 to choose what to boot from so I tried choosing the onboard SATA option, but the computer just rebooted.

So I'm stuck. What is going on here? What else can I try? Thank you for any help.

  sidmo 14:26 17 Sep 2006

Try this - after windows has loaded set up files and starts to reboot - press button to open cd drawer, windows xp screen then appears. when this happens press cd button to close and windows will finish set up.

  MichelleC 14:44 17 Sep 2006

Some Dells have the option to reload (my 3100c does) without a cd. I think it's linked with bios to hidden partition. This post may help click here

  s99Raj 14:45 17 Sep 2006

Thank you for that Sidmo, but I tried it and with no CD in the drive it just keeps rebooting. When I replace the CD the whole process starts again.
Asking it to boot from the Hard Drive after the first set of installation files have been loaded is no good.

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