unable to install software

  rocketbob 15:38 20 Sep 2011

i am trying to install kaspersky pure on a computer running windows xp, i have removed kaspersky 2010, put the disc in the dvd/cd drive but i can not find file to run the cd

  iscanut 17:04 20 Sep 2011

The cd should autorun and run the set up files required. I do not use XP but if you loo in Control Panel, there should be an icon for Autoplay or Autorun. Select this and look for a tick box to Autoplay media. Hope that applies to XP but any XP user out there can correct me if necessary. You can also run the exec file yourself. Look at the Cd contents and try and find a file such as Run.exe or Setup.exe or similar and click this. Hope this helps.

  rocketbob 18:28 20 Sep 2011

its my mates computer and i did look for autoplay but could not find it, i looked in my computer and it did not show the cd/dvd drive, where would he find the cd contents on his pc

  woodchip 22:14 20 Sep 2011

Check the CD in Run by Browsing the CD look for Setup file and double click it

  woodchip 22:16 20 Sep 2011

Or in Run Type Drive Letter like this then press Enter Key


where X is you CD/DVD drive

  Terry Brown 15:48 21 Sep 2011

Open the CD to real all files and look for the *.inf file.

This will tell you the name and location of the file needed to load the program.

Sometimes the loader program is 1 or 2 sublayers down.


  rocketbob 14:48 22 Sep 2011

i downloaded kaspersky pure onto my mates pc and its workiing fine, still cant find the dvd/cd drive on the pc going to have a look at the weekend

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